Having Too Much Fun

It starts out so innocently with a bottle of SunIn. Why not give it a shot? You’re already blonde, just spritz in a few squirts while laying out knowing you’ll wind up a bit blonder for summer. Next you decide you should do the real thing and do highlights so you don’t end up looking like a bimbo. Don’t worry, incorporate highlight’s good friend, low light because, hey, you really are a blonde that will help keep it more natural. Fast forward 15 years (ouch) and you’ve spent countless hours and tons of dinero trying to get that perfect balance of blonde.

Then you realize you will probably be in a photograph or two at your brand new niece’s baptism and you’re  a busy lady who can’t find a single day in the next two weeks to spend three hours just to get the right hair color  (just me? oh. okay.).

Brown hair

Let's pretend my phone doesn't have a forward-facing camera and a mirror is completely necessary for self-portraits...

So, I had a date with a box. A box with a color I don’t normally dance with—brown. I’m pretty much sure this is considered cheating on my hairstylist (Sorry Kendra!) but it was done during the kids’ nap time—easy enough!

And then all of the sudden I realize, I’m a full-time working, wife and mom-of-two.


You would think I would have known this already, right? It took someone mentioning the combination of leaving my blonde days behind and motherhood that made it sink in.

Why does that phrase sound so dirty?

Because honestly, it’s pretty kick ass.

Don’t get me wrong. The days of interning for pocket change while party harding every night in between attending class and writing papers made for a fabulous life in college. But I’m at a place where I have many of the things I want (woot!) … including a much stronger grasp on what makes me happy.

For some reason those words combined have always left a bad taste in my mouth because I had an inaccurate perception of what they really mean.

A hubs that loves and supports me and can be my hot mountain man to boot? Check. The most adorablest (yes, it’s a word), hilarious bambinos a lady ever had? Check. A 9-to-5 in an industry that I get completely absorbed in? Check.

The challenge is to continue to grow, finding what makes me happy and continually striving for new things.

I have a wise friend who once told me that the key to life is balance. So that’s part of my goal. Balance.

I want to do it all. I want to raise my kids to be compassionate, happy people. I want to be the craft-making treat-baking mom. I want to help keep our home life organized so it’s a zen place for the hubs. I want to be one of the most well-versed, proactive people in my industry. I want to make my house a home. I want to volunteer in my community and make a difference. I want to learn my way around my SLR camera. I want to never do laundry. I want to read more. I want to be able to still let loose with the ladies. I want to run more.

…I also want to sleep…at least a few, uninterrupted hours every night.

So bring on the moisturizer, I’m okay with inching closer to thirty. And I plan to do it as a brunette…at least for now.