Work and Play in Baltimore

The hubs and I both are lucky enough to be able to travel for work. We enjoy traveling, even competing to see who can get through the airport security line quicker when we’re together (feel free to make fun of our lameness). Sometimes it’s a bit stressful trying to organize our schedules so we don’t book ourselves for trips at the same time, hence leaving the kiddos parent-less.

Recently we had the chance to combine work and play. I had a client to visit an hour outside of Baltimore and the hubs heads out to his company digs there quite often. With my parents lined up to spoil the kids for a few days, we got-the-heck-outta-there hopped on a flight to Maryland.

We stayed at a condo on the Inner Harbor. Check out this gorgeous view:

Baltimore Inner Harbor

One of the bedrooms had a perfect view of the Balitmore Ravens and Orioles stadiums.

The condo was already stocked with all of the necessities like cereal, milk, eggs, snacks, and ice cream bars (yup, necessities). So each morning we woke up after a night of uninterrupted sleep (rare with a five-month-old), ate breakfast, and got ready for work. Then I’d hop in my rental for the hour drive east while Shawn caught a cab to the office over in Mount Vernon.

The peeps from Shawn’s office made sure we hit some of the best restaurants in town with them. The first night we dined at Fogo De Chao, a Brazilian steakhouse. If your man is anything like mine and likes his meat, this place is considered heaven. I, on the other hand, made a conscious effort to slow my fast walking down on the way to the veggie and cheese buffet to avoid crashing into one of the hundreds of waiters roaming the restaurant with unbelievably large knives and big chunks of meat. The food was fabulous though. The next night we hit up the Centre Club where the waiter had an English accent and vocabulary to compete with Robin Leach. Of course the food was amazing but this was also the night our dinner crew introduced us to a new shot known as the L.B. (aka London Bridge) made with peach schnapps and vodka, chilled. Have a few of those and you’ll be having a good night. ;)

We took Friday off from work and opted to tour the city. First the hubs took me over to his office so I could see where he spends his time. While I was in awe of the building, it turns out they will be moving the office to a new building soon.

If you know me, you know I love old houses and buildings. I minored in history in college solely for the fact that I enjoy it (I’m a geek in many ways). The politics surrounding history aren’t as interesting to me as the way people lived.

The company has been in this office for a long, long time.

Here’s where people would come in to pay their bills. Yes, physically pay bills. And I thought online bill pay was a pain… Check out the window on the side wall with the black hole underneath—that was there in case anyone robbed them. The hole was there for a gun. Online bill pay is seeming much safer to me.

MonLife Payment Counter

They also have a medallion in set in the marble floor. There’s several historical pieces in the building including the first book that recorded people’s insurance policies.

MonLife Floor MonLIfe Record of Insurance Policies

This is a poorly shot snippet of one of the executive offices. Gor-geous.

MonLife Executive Office

And then we have the hubs’ office…

Hubs Baltimore Office

Sad and pathetic? Yup. Can we get this guy a picture frame or two??? A paperweight? Something?? Oh wait, we do have a granola bar. This picture does not do justice to show you how bare this office is. It even has nails in the walls where pictures once hung. I’ll let him off the hook for not having a pic of his smiling wife and kids since he’s only here some of the time.

This floor also had a dining room like you would see in someone’s house with a kitchen where people used to be served every day. Wow how times have changed.

Given that we were off of work during the day it was only a matter of time before the drinks started flowing. First stop? The Owl Bar.

The Owl Bar in Baltimore

This bar is a landmark for the days of prohibition. If the owl’s eyes were blinking it meant the booze had made it’s way in and the feds weren’t around so it was safe to drink.

We also stopped for lunch. He no longer has a crackberry but the iPhone might be worse. Though, I must say he makes checking email look good.

Hubs on Email

We walked around the Mount Vernon and Midtown areas, including a stop at the Washington Monument.

Washington Monument in Baltimore

Shawn just wiped drool from my mouth as we strolled through the streets checking out all the historic buildings.

This is a townhouse that was converted into an office by non other than an architecture firm. No wonder. I must say they do nice work. I love the bright blue door combined with the historic architecture. Think we could find a building to renovate like this in Cedar Rapids?

Mount Vernon Townhouse - GBA Architects

After this we cabbed it over to Federal Hill for some shopping and more drinks. And that is where the pictures stopped. …And now I realize I didn’t even get one pic of the two of us together. Whoops.

The entire trip was an odd glimpse at what our life would have been like had we opted to stay in a bigger city and waited to have kids. It’s funny how things always turn out the way they’re supposed to. We were both ready to get back to our ankle biters…right after we raced each other through the TSA check point.