Watch Out Picasso

LJ is my adorable new little niece. She’s a whopping two months old. You may remember her as a bump from the Sugar and Spice baby shower a few months back. Well now she’s here and ready to play!

After learning that both of our hubs would be gallivanting around the country for work this week (both in D.C. for different events – how weird!), my not-so-big-big-sis Jen made the 300+ mile trek to come visit us! Though we’ve gotten to see her a few times back in Nebraska, it was baby LJ’s first road trip out our direction.

I had the brilliant idea to break out some paint and canvases and let the kiddos have at it.
Baby LJ Painting

Babies are capable of making masterpieces, right? Sure, it may have ended up being more work for us mamas than the babies…

JL & LJ Painting

Except for Binz – she would have painted the entire room if she could. Take note: clothes fully on at this point.

Binz painting

T-Rex took the opportunity to show off his new sitting skills. He was really more interested in trying to destroy the plastic mat than holding a paint brush. Early signs of a career interest in finance instead of art like his daddy? We will see.

T-Rex Sitting Up

Love this face! She looks like a perfect little combination of her mama and daddy.

LJ with Yellow Paint

LJ's Artwork

My little poser…

Binz Posing

Ta Da! It’s always only a matter of time before the Binz winds up nekid.

Binz Nekid

So we learned that babies can’t really paint. They can however make a few smudges with painted hands and feet that end up looking like blobs (how do the hospitals do it??). I am excited to add a few pieces to my abstract art collection.

After the last few days I think we could totally do the Sister-Wives family thang—kids, laundry, cooking and cleaning are much easier with two mamas around. Too bad the whole husband sharing thing isn’t exactly our style.

Thanks LJ & Jen for coming to visit us!