11 Projects for 2011 (and how to not DIY plumbing)

The hubs said it well with this one… “Insert curse words here.”

Plumber in Master Bath

We don’t claim to be DIYers. We’re more call-in-the-experts type people. These are the types of things you learn about yourself after buying a house that “only needs some cosmetic work.”

The bathtub faucet in our master bath had started slowly leaking out of nowhere (considering it was put in while we were both still in first grade, it had a decent run). The hubs put on his plumber pants and grabbed the biggest wrench I’ve ever seen and headed in to fix it.

And by “fix” I mean completely rip a pipe off the wall. Sometimes he just doesn’t know his own strength ;)

Homeowner lesson #215: YouTube does not a plumber make.

Fine by me—I’m much more impressed with his Excel skillz anyway. And the storage room floor in the basement was looking a little dry.

So we did what we do best—Googled plumbing companies (apparently the inability to shower or flush is not considered an “emergency” to any of them). The hubs and I just laughed as the chosen plumber whipped out his hacksaw (at least I think it was a hacksaw). The drywall has since been patched (clearly, not by us) and the next step is painting.

Really, this bathroom has been the red headed step child in our house (literally). The same burnt orange we painted over in our bedroom has continued to taunt us in our bathroom for the last 3+ years. Gross. It takes a mini nightmare to get us off our home improvement arses. Plan A and Plan B for de-uglifying this baño are currently in the works. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail (and if you fail to plan you live with an ugly bathroom for a long time).

After seeing just how long it takes for us to get around to something we’ve wanted to do for-ev-er, I decided it’s time for an official project list. Lists are good for us A-type personalities. So, with an unexpectedly long explanation as to how this list came about, here’s a few projects I’m hoping to accomplish this year.

11 Projects for 2011

  1. Update the master bath
  2. Re-side and paint the house
  3. Finish the curtain “wall” in the basement
  4. Print off family pics to hang around the house (T-Rex still has pics of his sister as a baby above his crib … they look so much alike that someone thought I had switched them out when he was a week old..ha, right)
  5. Finish decorating the Binz’s room (including a new bed from IKEA)
  6. Switch out all the door hardware in the house from brass to … something other than brass
  7. Create a family room in the basement we’ll actually use
  8. Re-do the living room with a smaller tv and new seating
  9. De-junkify all drawers and closests
  10. Run a 5k (I’ll be Running the Flood in June—so consider this a freebie for the list)
  11. Detox from sugar for 30 days

I would also add “take down the Christmas lights” to the list but, considering it’s April, I’m hoping someone will think we’re just really ahead of the game in that category.