Master Bath Mood Board

Giant patches of new white drywall give you a good reason to paint. And painting, if it’s not your favorite past time, gives you a reason not to half ass a room redo or require more painting later.

Really, I should thank the hubs for making us get our arses in gear and finally get around to doing this.

After several weeks of living with a big white patch in my bathroom (that has since been enhanced by purple finger prints), I took a stab at making a mood board:

Master Bath Mood Board

It feels great to have a plan and, for the first time, use a mood board to get an idea of how it will all come together.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

  1. Siason creme tile from Lowes $153.50 (at $3.07/20″ x 20″ tile for 50 sq ft)
  2. Quoizel Hollister vanity light $279.99
  3. Sensa blanco leblon granite counter $649
  4. Symmons Carrington faucet from Home Depot $213.18
  5. Pottery barn classic pulls and knobs $56
  6. Behr All-in-One paint in Burnished Clay (left over from the Binz’s bedroom)

Pretty neat, eh? Stop judging me. I’ve become an old lady who gets excited trolling home improvement stores. No really, we’re cool.

It is possible that a vanity light with only four bulbs won’t put off as much light compared to those sexy hollywood-style lights that are currently in the bathroom. As gaw-geous as they are, I learned when I took them out of the spare bath that they really are quite functional. Fortunately, I found a site where the light I want costs slightly more but doesn’t charge re-stocking or return fees. I’ll spend $10 more now knowing that I might need to return it later.

In the event we get it in and hate it, this could be a possibility:

Dolan_Designs 6 light fixture

It may be the granddaughter to the hollywoods, but at least it’s the 2011 version. And, if this situation is anything like the spare bath, there’s a big gaping whole behind the current light just waiting to greet me. This option would cover it up quite nicely without needing additional help from a drywaller (which is not in our bag of tricks).

If this was a house we were planning to stay in for a long time I’d definitely do a few things differently. We originally thought we’d put in two sinks (hence, option A). But, when you add the cost of two faucets, two lights and a new vanity, it really doesn’t fit with the “not our forever house” approach. Who in their right mind wouldn’t want carrera marble in their bathroom?? Or engineered hardwoods? Yeah…those were both quickly poo pooed (technical term) by the hubs. Maybe next time? And while we’re dreaming, a closet/bathroom like this would be sa-weet.

Now onto figuring out how to get all this installed, since we are not DIYers.

Whatdoyathink? Is it a winner? Does my excessive neutral-ness give you the desire to throw a big can of bright blue paint on it (I know you’re reading this, Jen)?