Domestication via YouTube

Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google? Party with me and you can learn this and other exciting facts ;)

Really though. Isn’t the site great? There’s no better place for people to post all of their annoying videos of their babies doing pretty much nothing. Not that we’ve ever done that or anything.

But in addition to awesomely awkward family videos, you can learn a thing or two like…

1) How to Fold a T-Shirt

I married a man who has slight OCD. I kid you not, he owned a flip and fold even before we started dating. It recently broke—oh the horror. So after about a month of dealing with my way of folding (you know, messy and normal), Shawn proudly shared this new t-shirt folding method with me. And when I say proud, I mean so proud that he recently made a friend dig a dirty t-shirt out of their laundry just so he could demonstrate his new skills for an audience. Again, having us around takes any party up a notch.

That brings us to our next video…

2) How to Dice a Tomato

This how to comes to you as a result of our Mexican fiesta dinner tonight in honor of Cinco de Mayo (side fact: we learned during our recent trip to Mexico this isn’t a real holiday. Fun haters.). For those of you who already know how to dice a tomato, congratulations. This is for everyone whose Home Ec assignments involved snickerdoodle recipes and nothing with sharp knives. To my defense, I can make a mean slice in Photoshop and there’s a much lower chance of injuring myself.

And for the final “how to” from YouTube:

3) How to Annoy the Staff and Patrons at BW3s

Alright, slipped a family video in there (videos of Rex have remained largely unpublished solely for the fact that I’m selfish and want to keep him hidden from the world). His sister can make him laugh better than anyone and his growly little laugh melts my heart. He’s learned blowing raspberries is a surefire way to crack us up. Side note: Missouri-bred hubs claims BW3s is not the proper slang name for Buffalo Wild Wings. He is wrong.

How did people figure out this whole homeowner and parenting thing without YouTube and the internet?? Books? Friends? Carrier pigeons? I’m pretty sure “What To Expect When You’re Expecting” didn’t have a chapter on how to wrestle with that Chinese chest trap that is the Maya Wrap baby sling. We did learn the hard way that YouTube is not going to make you an expert plumber. And don’t try to find Dora videos on YouTube for your four-year-old (I’m serious, don’t say I didn’t warn you). But cheers to all of the random goodness out there and the hope that one day it can even give the kiddos that awkward sex talk without us even being in the room.