Happily {5} Years After

I almost forgot but…

Facebook Anniversary Reminder

Happy 5th Anniversary babe!

In honor of the five years, here are five life lessons learned from marriage and domestic life together thus far:

  1. Honeymoon babies exist. So do bachelor/bachelorette party babies (or at least one we know of).
  2. Cabbage looks almost identical to lettuce but does not make a good salad for dinner guests.
  3. “Experts” don’t know everything. Make your own educated decisions.
  4. Texting your wife who is in Miami for work will not make toilet paper materialize in the house.
  5. The “happily ever after” (as sold in fairy tale weddings) is actually the beginning of the story.

Oh, it’s fun to look back on our ourselves and our complete cluelessness as to what would unfold for us…

Outdoor Wedding Pic

Wedding Exit

Wedding Party

Wedding Cake

Wedding Party Dance

Wedding - First Dance

It’s almost unfair how quickly five years has gone by. In May 2006, we were a couple of twenty-three-year-olds fresh out of college who had just bought and moved into a brand new townhouse outside of Tampa. In May 2011, we’re living the suburban dream (har har) in Cedar Rapids, Iowa with a four-year-old and nine-month-old getting opportunities to do things that make us feel incredibly fortunate.

It’s true that you learn to love each other more every day. I now appreciate hubs for being a loving and fun dad to our kids and for supporting my ever-changing mind. He’s my biggest supporter but keeps my ideas realistic. He’s so driven but will always be my Missouri Man.

We’re planning on celebrating tonight over an obligatory (but still much appreciated) candle-lit dinner. After coming off of two weeks straight where we’ve both been zooming around different parts of the country, it will be nice to kick back and just enjoy our time together.

The first five has been so entertaining. I can’t wait to see us in the next 50+ (we’re shooting for neighborhood golf carts, martinis, whiskey, golf and dancing the night away in The Villages by then).

Cheers babe! Love you like a fat kid loves cake! (10 points to the person who can name that song).