The traditional anniversary gift for a 5th anniversary is wood. Insert incredibly tasteless joke here (don’t worry, hubs already has). No grandma, I have no idea what he’s talking about.

Shawn and I aren’t big on buying surprises for each other. Therefore, I decided to commemorate our fiver with this backless wood bench:

Wood Backless Bench

Our front porch was looking a little bare in comparison to the new begonias. If you know me, you know that it makes me sick that I found it at Wally World. I’d rather be forced to go to a Justin Bieber concert. Unfortunately, after spending several hours running around Cedar Rapids last weekend looking for one, I came home and found this one online in about two minutes. 

So speaking of not giving each other surprises, the hubs gave me this (which you FB friends already saw):

tiffany elsa peretti wave ring

Little blue boxes are the way to any girls heart, I don’t care what anyone says. He surprised me at dinner that night. That man has skillz (yes, he totally deserves the “z”). He had told me he wanted a new pair of golf shoes so I had nothing for him in return. Can the 8 hours he spent at the course this weekend tie into his gift too?

Today we celebrated Memorial Day by heading to a Kernels game at Veteran Memorial Stadium. This was Rex’s first baseball game.

Rex slugger cap

There’s no doubt he’s the cutest little boy ever. He wore an old cap that was originally baby boy Shawn’s. How cute is that? He found it more fun to play with than wear. During the game, he happily snarfed down a hot dog and a snow cone … my little American man. Rex also made sure to smile and coo appropriately at every woman sitting behind us. He knows how to work ’em already.

Thanks to all of the men who have given their all for our country. I’m so proud of both of my grandpas, my father-in-law and my friends who have spent time in service. It doesn’t go in vain.

Happy Memorial Day!