A Little Chilli

Recently we packed it on up and trucked it on down to Chillicothe, Missouri. The trip was really two-fold—a chance to see people we haven’t seen in for.ev.er., and to (most importantly) celebrate 40 years of wedded bliss of these two love birds:

40th Anniversary

That’s Shawn’s uncle and aunt, Paul and Deb. They’re two of the sweetest, most genuine people you will ever meet. And they’ve been married for a whopping 40 years which is awe-inspiring.

The party was hosted at their son, Spencer and his wife, Melissa’s house. Here’s a shot of the porch:Stamped Concrete Wood Porch

This is only a small glimpse of the incredibly gorgeous house he built. With. His. Own. Hands. I’m in love with this porch (stamped concrete made to look like wood). These are some seriously talented people with great style.

Considering we live in Iowa, you would think that we wouldn’t be so charmed by the atmosphere but we can’t help it. You can’t find a single kid near the place without a pair of cowboy (or girl) boots! If I had stuck around for one more day I probably would have picked up a drawl and convinced myself I could ride one of their horses bareback.

cowboy boots flower vase Horse in Chilli
Kids Cowboy Boots

But back to the point…the party! Here’s two of our fabulous hosts, Melissa and Crystal:

Crystal & Melissa

And here are the two that brought us all together—Deb and Shawn’s mom, Diane. I think they’ve been friends even longer than 40 years. Is there such a thing as a friend-i-versary? If so, these two should absolutely have one.

Deb and Diane

Binz enjoyed following the big kids around.

Linds with Big Kids

The night even included live music:

Outdoor Party Acoustic Band

In true country style they opened with good ‘ol Sweet Home Alabama, threw in some Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not and several other songs perfect for the night. (Sidenote: clearly I don’t know how to shoot in low light…at all. I’ll put a filter on these and you pretend you’re none the wiser).

When the sun went down the lights came to life. This scene with the music playing was pure bliss.

Country party night lanterns

One of the best parts of the night was when little man Tucker and his dad sang Wagon Wheel:

Boys Singing Wagon Wheel

Freakin’ adorable I tell you.

Despite trying to keep the kiddos out until midnight, we eventually retreated back to our room at the Comfort Inn. I dare you to click that link and just look at how gorgeous this place was. It put many of the Hiltons, Marriotts, and Sheratons I’ve stayed at to shame. The place is so new that we even had to pull the plastic off of the mattress of the pull-out couch the Binz slept on. The kids also got a kick out of the pool in a few off moments we had.

In the morning, we invaded again for breakfast. But we made sure all the animals got fed too:

Binz feeding horse

…and properly exercised:

Pygmy goat

That is a pygmy goat. If we ever decide our house needs another pet, it will be one of these. The little lady prances and hops around! Waaaay better than a dog.

Rex got spoiled by the ladies too:

Addie and Rex

And we learned a few tricks for keeping the kids in line:

Ryder ties

For being rough and tough boys, they are so incredibly sweet. We enjoyed getting to (finally!) meet the newest members of the crew. In all, it was a great and loooong overdue trip. I only wish I had made sure to get a few posed shots of everyone! Next time for sure.

Thanks Crystal, Travis, Spencer and Melissa for having us and congrats to Paul and Deb on 40 years!