Redneck Wine Rack

Don’t ever claim we Davises are not DIYers. We actually built something with our own bare hands:

concrete wine rack

Behold our beautiful new concrete wine rack made from—you guessed it—cinder blocks. Don’t be overly schmoozed by its fancy schmancy-ness.

An evening trip to Menards and a whopping $8 later, I have reclaimed space in the pantry and the expensive bottle and cheap bottle(s) are equally enjoying the cooler basement climate.

Maybe if I zoom in at an angle and put a filter on the pic I can class it up a bit….

concrete wine rack

Eh, it was worth a shot.

This was my adorable hubs’ idea who “sorta accidently bought” a few more of his favorite wines online the other day. The same man who was once tasked with grocery shopping and came home with a cart-full of my favorite wines because they were on sale. It’s a sickness I have no intention of correcting.

The best part is the rack can easily be added to as we build a collection…that is if we don’t deplete the supply at a faster rate which is likely.

And to make sure we continue to save every last cent for wine retirement, I took it upon myself to also cut our grocery budget by DIYing laundry detergent using this recipe.

It ends up saving about a bazillion cents per load or something (…and it’s good for the environment, yada yada). At the rate I’m going I’ll have saved up enough for a whole case of Boones farm by the end of the year. Nothing but classy here.

Aren’t the little jar and coffee scoop much more adorable than the big ‘ol orange Tide bottle?

And there you have it—two new incredibly complicated and exhausting home DIY projects complete.

Now, time to pop one of those bottles…