Feline Stache

“The Puuuuss” (use your best Antonio Banderas voice) has been sporting a cone this past week. You see, we came home after a weekend away to find blood schmeared randomly across all surfaces—cream-color couches included—after Puss chiseled away at a cut on her face. I’ll spare you the pic of that one.

So the same morning that the ‘lil f-er has got out of her cone for the third time and I came across this idea, it took me all of 0.5 seconds to grab a sharpie.

cat cone moustache

Not at all original, but entertaining no doubt.

Then I was reminded she’s a girl. How could I forget? Good thing I own a pink Sharpie too…

cat cone lips

My sis’ nickname for her from day one has been “Sarah Jessica” due to her so called “large features.” Coincidence? I think not. She posed with the bedroom eyes all on her own. They’re meant to be. What say you Ferris Mewler?

And for no reason at all here’s a shot of the goobery little man…

snack pirate

snack pirate and pus

There is no one in the backyard that can save you from me ;)