House Project: Curtain Room Divider

Since the redneck wine rack was such a hit, we thought we would keep the momentum going by taking on a little redneck basement renovation. We originally bought our house with the full intention of remodeling the lower level… but, fast-forward a few projects (kitchen, floors, deck, siding, etc.), and we realized whatever else we took on would be solely for our own enjoyment since we would not be recouping the money when we go to sell in a few years. A basement renovation suddenly left the must do list.

We love our new home in Hawkeye-land, but Shawn is originally from Missouri and I hail from Husker nation (I’ll spare you the die-hard fanatic and family drama that results…at least until November). So when T-Rex came into the picture last fall, our three bedroom ranch left us short of a bedroom for out-of-town guests who visit a lot.

There’s nothing like the Pinterest Challenge (dreamt up by Sherry, Katie, Emily & Lana) to finally get my bootay in gear and finish the solution that we had landed on. I stumbled on the original inspiration before Pinterest existed but, since it’s taken me until now to finally finish it, it still counts right?

Our guests can now enjoy a bit of separation from the basement living room and play area via a curtain wall track system with sliding curtain panels. Check ‘er out:

ceiling curtain track system

wall of curtains on track

In my Googling madness way back when, I came across a post on the Yellow Brick Home about the tracks installed in their apartment to separate the kitchen and even one as a bedroom door. After asking her a few questions, I ordered 12 ft. of the RECMAR Aluminum Ceiling Mount Track and double wheel carriers. It took us having a few of those out-of-town guests in town to finally get the tracks out of the shipping box. Shawn and his dad worked to install a 2×4 along the ceiling and then attached the curtain track (thank awesome FIL & MIL!). I later painted the 2×4 white to blend in with the ceiling better.

Here’s a couple of ceiling track options:

After measuring, pricing, and even buying and returning a few curtain panels, I bought three flat bed sheets from Target. Using some thick no-sew hem tape, I folded and ironed until I they were the perfect length to sweep the floor.

Here’s what we started with and a few in-process pictures (you can even get a glimpse at our hella-disorganized storage room through the open door).

installing curtain track before

A few more angles of the basement and the new curtain track…

curtain room divider

sliding room divider

curtain track hardware clips

basement desk

And let’s be honest about why we put the curtain wall up in the first place, no one wants to feel like they’re sleeping in this…

kids rec room

You may have also noticed the Puss on the bed. She had to go back to the vet today and have her re-opened wound stitched up. Her eyes are like saucers and it’s not because she’s playful. There is NO ONE behind the curtains (har har). I want whatever she is on. I didn’t have the heart to move my beloved cracked-out cat for pictures. [Side story: they asked me if I had kids when they saw the hand-drawn moustache on her last cone. Is that a requirement for drawing on those? Guess that’s why they gave her a cloth one this go around.]

Here’s how the project broke down cost-wise:

Ceiling Mount Track + 14 wheel carriers: $109.50

Flat Sheet “Curtain” Panels (3): $35.97

No Sew Tape (2): $16.98

Board and hooks from Lowes: ?? (hubs is asleep, let’s assume $15)

In all that brings us to $177.45.

Much less expensive than a basement redo, eh? I’ll take it. Now maybe I should actually get bedding that matches, a headboard, or something (anything, really) for the walls. Suggestions are welcome :)

And to our guests: we promise one day we will have a bathroom for you that won’t have a plastic duck faucet cover starring at you while you shower. Until then, at least you won’t bump your head ;) …oh yeah, and we’ll move the cracked out cat for you should you come visit soon.