Happy Birthday T-Rex!

Dear Rex,

You’ve officially had your first trip around the sun! Where did the year go??

I have to be honest. I really wasn’t sure about having a little boy. We already had a girl and your dad and I each had one older sister growing up. Before you were born, I had accepted life surrounded by girls until the we had an ultrasound. Without evening having to be told by the tech, we could immediately tell you were a boy. Your dad was pretty proud. I, on the other hand, freaked out a bit. How do you change a boy diaper? What things to boys like? What do boys wear? Let’s just say, those fears quickly disappeared the day you were born.

Your sister had wanted to name you Simba (& not even on a Lion King kick at the time). We finally landed on Rex Evan (Cash, Tillman, and Brooks were still in the running until your second day of life). We heard the name Rex and liked it. Your middle name, Evan was a name I always liked and it’s a Davis family name. Unlike with your older sister, we were ready to go home from the hospital immediately and get back to normal.

We brought you home on a Sunday. After a short bit, Daddy and Aunt Shanna went for a run around the neighborhood leaving me, you, and your big sis home alone together. Lindsay sat in the glider in your room and held you for an hour straight. An hour. This is unbelievable for a three-year-old. She could never hold you enough. She still always wants to help and be around you. The girl can make you laugh better than anyone. I wasn’t expecting to watch your brother/sister relationship unfold. It’s the cutest things ever.
rex and linds first day

You slept for five hrs straight the first night you were home. I woke up in the middle of the night in a complete panic realizing what time it was only to find you still sleeping soundly. That took getting some use to. In fact, you have always been the most laid-back little guy ever. You roll with the punches.

rex newborn

For the first three months I remember casual mornings sending your sis and dad out the door then I’d feed you and we would cuddle and snooze until mid-morning. We were quite productive when we woke up though, even building and launching a new site for a local non-profit I volunteer with. You were a great helper sleeping through it all, and occasionally telling me to double check my code ;)

At one week old you met your Ami, Grandpa, and Aunt Jen and Uncle Toby…and helped them cheer the Huskers on to victory at Cedar Rapids local Husker bar. We’ll have you chanting “go big red” soon enough.

go big red

At three weeks old you had your first haircut (and would have four more over the next year). You kept grabbing a handful and pulling hard which made you cry. The cut helped remedy that. We have had fun with that dark mop of your’s.

One of my favorite things to do when you were tiny was give you a bath with your tub in the kitchen sink. It would be around 10:00pm (we kept you up late with us). I would turn the overhead lights off, turn on the lamp on the counter and the sink light, pull up Pandora on the Mac, and tune into a relaxing station (Ron Pope). You’d sit there and coo and kick, occasionally turning the water on with your foot. It would take about five minutes. Then I’d scoop you up and wrap you in a towel. We would go to your room and I’d feed you while combing your hair, making sure to style it a gazillion ways (mohawk, combover) until you fell asleep.

Rex Mohawk

When you started making noises you always made a very deep throaty “ogh” after each sneeze or sometimes for no reason. We’ll have to remember this sound and repeat it back to you – it was so cute. Linds even started doing it around you.

At 7 months old you were in your first parade (St Patty’s Day).

At 9 months you discovered your *ahem* manhood while in the bathtub.

At 11 months you started making many more sounds. We heard a lot about “bob bob bob” for a while. More recently, when we catch you doing something naughty like playing in the cat’s water bowl or pulling her tail, we say “no.” You come back with a “doh” as if to say “yes” you little defiant thing. As of this week you even went on your first plane ride and did awesome, even making sure to high five anyone who was willing.

Rex 3 mo rex_six_months

You’ve graduated into the big tub with your sis. Ever since bath time puts me on edge. You flop around and try to lay on your stomach drinking the water. Your latest bathtub shenanigan is standing up and holding the side, then throwing yourself back to make a big splash after which you giggle and giggle. I think you’re trying to give me a heart attack.

You also love to drop things. You purposely grab things out of my hand to drop them on the floor. You’re lucky you’re cute kid!

Rex 9 mo

So you know what? I couldn’t imagine life without a little boy. You’re a little cuddler (for now) and have such a great personality already. There’s something special about a mama and her baby boy :) (of course, your big sis and I have something special too, just different). You make our family feel complete.

This weekend we’re celebrating your very first birthday in Washington DC. This place is incredible and you won’t remember any of it but we will.

Our life feels so busy all of the time so I have to remind myself to live in the moment. I know things won’t always be this way. Here’s a video of you, me and your sister doing absolutely nothing right when we got home from work and school. Your tongue is always hanging out and you chase Lindsay down the hall. It’s a perfect blip of our every day life.

I know someday you’ll be ready to surprise the world but right now I’ll enjoy my not-such-a-baby baby boy.

Love you buddy. Happy 1st Birthday!