On The Move

I don’t talk shop much (or ever) on this here blog but…

new beginningsI am THRILLED to finally share that I will be joining the marketing team at ClickStop at the end of the month.

ClickStop is a young, multi-channel merchant and is one of Corridor’s fastest growing companies. The company is rocking having just hit their first million in sales and recently even built a huge, yet quite aesthetically pleasing, new facility in Urbana, IA. ClickStop’s President and CEO, Tim Guenther, was just named Entrepreneur of the Year by the Corridor Business Journal. Impressive, no?

To boot, I get to dive into an environment and role I know will be a great fit. I’m constantly trying to learn and test out new ideas so being surrounded by a crew of people who speak my acronym-filled language is ideal. I’m jazzed about getting back into the e-commerce world. This is the first time in my post-college days that I’ll be part of a internal team instead of an agency-esque environment which will be a refreshing change.

As the song goes “every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” I am very thankful for the four and half years I’ve had at Stamats including the kind, witty, hilarious, and incredibly talented people I’ve worked with. Higher education is a challenging but always interesting place and I am pleasantly surprised by the open atmosphere of individuals who serve on several institutions marketing, communications, IT, and web teams. There is a wealth of great information in the higher education web world I suggest all industries consider tunning into. And, if you haven’t heard, Stamats is going to be spicing up the higher ed digital arena by  teaming up with Catchfire Media so watch for that (and psssst…if you’re interested, Stamats will be adding to the in-house digital team so keep your eyes peeled for that posting).

Here’s to new beginnings. Cheers!