Quite Ex-siding

We’re kicking off new projects at casa de Davis this next week that may possibly be the last large scale (read need a professional-type) improvement projects for our little yellow house. Nothing quite like a few home projects, starting a new job, and a couple of family vacations thrown in there to make for an exciting and jam-packed start to fall. Yes, we thrive on keeping things complicated.

The contractor (aka awesome brother of a friend from Junior League) just left with final notes about what to order—there’s no turning back now.

Project numero uno…el baño
The first project you may recall from a while back when someone, possibly named Shawn, used his super human strength on the leaking master bath tub faucet which led to the drywall to be cut out by a plumber, then re-patched. If the burnt orange walls didn’t taunt me enough, the big patched drywall has been greeting us for several months now. …And now we’re finally getting around to de-uglifying it all. Looks like we’ll be changing it up a bit from what I originally planned in this master bath mood board…ba-bye granite dreams, I’ll save you for my next house. We have purchased the tile and it’s now sitting in our bedroom in boxes. It’s pretty romantic.

It will probably be a while before I have any pics to share though since this project requires us to do some work too. Like paint. I despise painting but am too cheap to leave it to the pros since it’s something I can do. It may just take a while. We want to take our chances at creating a custom mirror frame possibly like this one (found via Pinterest).

Project numero dos…siding
 The first thing we noticed about this house when we pulled in the driveway for the open house was the trim. It needed serious help. That was four years ago. Sorry neighbors. Turns out there was actually a lawsuit in our neighborhood about the cement siding because a lot of people have had problems with it rotting. We weighed the pros and cons of just replacing the boards that needed it and painting it all but ultimately we know anyone looking to buy on down the road will factor in the maintenance of the exterior so we’re opting for vinyl. The painting would save several Benjamins (okay, Clevelands) but with a project of this scale we thought it would be better to go all out.

To dress up the little yellow house, we have opted to do parts in cedar shake (or vinyl made to look like cedar shake) on the eaves. Deciding on the color combination for the regular horizontal pieces and the cedar parts took a while. To help visualize it, I mocked up our favorite choices in Photoshop:

Flagstone with Sterling Silver Shake

flagstone sterling siding


Herringbone with Granite Grey Shake

herringbone granite siding


All Sterling Silver

sterling grey siding


All Granite Grey

granite grey siding

After much debating, we opted for the darker granite grey all over. I really liked the flagstone (blue) and sterling combo but thought something that taste-specific wouldn’t be good for selling. The granite grey isn’t my favorite in the mock up even, but I think against bright white trim it will really pop once it’s done.

Anyone catch the Puss near the entryway (sans cat cone)? This is an old pic from before she became the neighborhood ruffian and went outside with us.

The one thing hanging is the brick and foundation. The foundation will absolutely have to be painted to match the rest of the house. When we do it, I’ll probably also paint the brick on the front. *Gasp* I know it’s a big no no in some people’s books but not mine. I’d prefer it blends well. Any suggestions on good people/companies who want to help with that?

So, this weekend we will be tracking down exterior lighting options, more baseboards, a sink, and a bathroom counter. Yeah, we’re definitely Will Ferrell from Old School when it comes to our exciting weekends.

It sounds like only a week or so from now the little yellow house will be quite different!