Need Your Input: Exterior Brick Options

The little yellow house is officially our little grey house! Booyah! Thanks to the guys who busted their patooties (even doing a little work in the rain and putting up with our unexpected return thanks to Irene), the siding is feeeenISHed. After debating on color combos, we ended up going with granite grey vinyl horizontal siding AND the granite grey cedar shake siding for a couple of the eaves.

Grey siding

Berry niiiice, eh? I want to show the rest of the house and the full before and after, but we’re not done yet. I need your input.

We’re up in the air about what to do with the brick. Here’s some options we’re thinking about…

1. Antique whitewash it

(via Flower Garden Girl)

2. Paint it to match

painted grey brick
(via CertaPro Forum)

3. Leave it be (clearly the easiest option)

This is where you come in. Tell us what you think:

What should we do with the brick?

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Sank you in advance :)

As much as I’m loving it, there are still a few other things we need to do too:

  • Paint the foundation (it’s still yellow)
  • Paint and re-attach the planter box (seen in this post)
  • Spray paint the screen door from black to white
  • Switch out the light fixtures (these babies are on their way).

I’m guessing these *incredibly difficult* tasks will take us at least a year to finish. Ah, who am I kidding? Make it two. Better yet, who wants to come visit and help?? Anyone? Hellooo out there? Mom, I know you really want to.

Have any strong feelings about which option we should go with? Have you tried one of these before? Lessons learned? Other suggestions? Please feel free to share in the comments.