17 Pumpkins

Have you ever stopped to think about how weird it really is that we decorate our house with fruit this time of year? Only gourds can get away with sitting on the porch. Maybe next year we should give cucumbers a chance?

Anyway, this past weekend we hit up the pumpkin patch nearby—Bloomsbury Farm.

Kiddos at Bloomsbury Farm

This place has tons of things to entertain the kids … it’s pretty much the best pumpkin patch ever.

Slide at the Pumpkin Patch

Pull ride at Bloomsbury Farm

As a mom who has a board sitting in the garage ready to be used as a measuring gauge for the growing little people (but hasn’t yet done so), I always appreciate their “How Tall This Fall?” sign.

Linds Pumpkin Patch Height

Binz has grown a little since her first trip to the farm at a year and half.

Height 2008

And the little man got his first picture by the sign (he was there last year, but not exactly awake or capable of standing).

Rex Pumpkin Patch Height

He’s definitely the cutest baby boy ever.

We always make sure to take the hayrack ride out to the patch to pick out the perfect pumpkin.

And we try to take semi-normal pictures…

But because we have a little guy to carry and only four adult hands, we make our way back to the barn where we load up the remaining pumpkins … and take time for a photo-op with the now hat-haired little man. Check out his big sister running in the background – she was on a mission.

Rex and the pumpkins

And here’s our front porch fruit … all 17 of them.

Porch with Pumpkins

Linds was able to carry the medium size guy on the bottom left but that was her max. Then she loaded up on 12 (yes, twelve) little pumpkins. Who doesn’t need 17 pumpkins?

Also, meet the newest member of the family, Dale:

Wooden Chipmunk Dale

This guy joined our family during our Estes Park Family Vacation. He was hanging out at the top of the Rocky Mountains in the gift shop and is now enjoying life in Iowa.

And that’s the story of how we decorated our porch with fruit.

Happy fall to you!