Ba Bye Brass Door Knobs

I know, I know, brass is on the way back in. But that trend will take some time to hit Iowa and it doesn’t match anything else we’ve got going on at the moment. So, as part of the latest Pinterest Challenge (put on by Sherry, Katie, Ana, and Erin) I did something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time: spray painted our door knobs.

Rewinding a bit, I realistically thought we would install these babies until Shawn brought me back to earth. I love crystal door knobs but they don’t make sense for a house we plan on moving out of. Maybe one day. Ho hum. Moving on…

Here’s the classy brassy we started with:

There was one thing I didn’t expect being difficult: figuring out how to remove a door knob. Everything I found online claimed that there were screws you could unscrew. Apparently all of those people are working on door knobs that weren’t installed in 1990 like our’s were. After rein-acting the scene from Zoolander with the computer, we finally figured it out.

Yup, to remove the door knob you need to push that little thing in and it releases the main part so you can slide it out after which the covers come off. With some of the doors that had been previously painted, the covers did stick so we had to pry them off with a putty knife. Then the screws were revealed to get latch and all off.

I followed the advice from Go Haus Go and YHL, wiping the pieces down with de-glosser we had on hand. Then I used Rust-Oleum Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray Paint to spray them down with thin layers, making multiple trips outside to reapply.

spray painting door knobs

No prob bob. Here’s what we’ve got going now:

spray painted door hardware

spray painted door knobs

The biggest concern people have is whether or not this stuff lasts. From what I’ve seen, it does. For the knob.

The areas that rub against something do scrape away a bit of the paint. Here’s a few spots I’ve noticed:

spray painted door hardware

spray painted hinge

Not exactly ideal but I believe we can touch these up later if needed. I’ve only seen it in a few spots and the wear gives it a worn in look I’m okay with.

Spending $8 on paint instead of $200+ on hardware—I’ll take it!

Here’s a few takeaways I got from spray painting door knobs:

  1. Less paint with more coats is the key
  2. Paint all of the hardware – the knob, latch, and even the screws so they match
  3. Take lots of pics to remember how to reinstall
  4. If you’re going for the long haul, just buy black hinges and plates
  5. Do NOT sit staring into the latch hole when reinstalling and turn the knob as the inside piece may become projectile weapon that causes a bruised dot on your forehead (not that I would know or anything).

I let knobs sit outside the rest of the day … and well, a whole week in the garage after that because it took that long for me to get back to reinstalling everything. We’re speedy like that.

While I was doing my thing, the Binz and hubs painted the bathroom. Some people have a set of painting clothes. We, instead, force our children to do the work and take away their pants.

I’m pretty sure her dad taught her to pose for the camera.

T-Rex supervised from inside.

So, here’s a quick before and after of the spray painted door knobs:

Berry nice, eh?

In my crazy mind, I want add trim to all of the cheap doors to fake panels kind of like this:


It wouldn’t be difficult but definitely time consuming and not it’s not at the top of my priority list.

And that almost completes this Pinterest Challenge (after I finish the other 5 doors in the house). You can also check out the curtain room divider we did for the last challenge.

Has anyone else given this a shot yet? Are you seeing any wear and tear? Anyone else fighting the 1990s along with us? Do you think were crazy to have bought a house that we thought we could update in a realistic time frame between travel, two jobs, and two kids (er, maybe just me)?