Laughing All the Way

Seeing as how it is the last day of 2011, four-year-old Lindsay has requested that we count to that number tomorrow. We’re going to get right on that, right after breakfast.

This also means it has been almost a week since our two week midwest holiday tour of Nebraska, Iowa, and Missouri came to an end. I could write a big long schpeal about how our lives are so filled with love. Or I could gripe about not being able to fit one.more.toy inside our house.

…or I could complain about how Bill, our Elf on the Shelf, is so lazy. Forget about all of these elves that make beds in Kleenex boxes and snow angels in the flour. Some nights he didn’t even make it to the North Pole! He must be a dud. We’ll have to talk to Santa about that.

But instead of all of that, here’s just a few of my favorite moments over these last few weeks.

The Nebraska celebration included festivities at my big sista and BIL (brother-in-law)’s new casa…

My niece, LJ, celebrated her first Christmas. It makes me smile knowing she’ll be sharing the holiday with her new eight-month-old brother this time next year. And how talented is my mom holding wine while entertaining our giggle monsters? Impressive madre.

Decent pictures of our little family of four are like glitter-covered unicorns. They don’t exist. We got to spend the holiday with our extended fam including baby E who was also celebrating her first Christmas. And my cousin Jenny wound up with a pocket knife in our grab bag gift exchange. Her reaction is priceless. The tree pictured is at my madre’s house—it’s always my favorite tree each year.

What happened to my little baby boy? Look at this little daredevil!

Every single one of these pictures is a new favorite—giggles with Papa, laughs with Grandma, Rex trying to ride things (one of many pictures!), and, of course, drinking beers while smoking a turkey. That’s how they roll in MO.

That turkey isn’t the only thing smokin’! Ow ow Mr. Davis! The pics of Christmas morning at our house were completely chaotic and uninteresting. That morning Lindsay came running in to wake me up wanting to go see if Santa “ated the cookies.” We found her brother in the living room finishing them off.

Really? You looked at all of these pictures? Well, hey, in that case there’s a ton more on Flickr for your stalking and downloading pleasure. :)

I’m happy to report all of our holiday decor is down and stored. That has to be a record in this house. The mistletoe is still up though, only because Lindsay reminds me we HAVE to all kiss each other every time we come in the house. The way I see it, it should be allowed to stay until at least Valentine’s.

Cheers to your and your’s!