One Whole Hand – Happy 5th Bday Binz

Five years ago our world was rocked by this little girl. How has five years gone by already???

Here’s a quick video with a few pictures of our bambina over the last five years:

Oh Darius, you know how to melt a mama’s heart.

This Saturday she is having a gymnastics party with 15 of her “closest” little buddies but today we’re going to do a mini celebration just our little fam. This morning Linds woke up to 55 balloons in her room.

5th birthday shirt

birthday morning room balloons

Not too bad for a few iPhone pics, eh? I’m hoping the SLR ones will be better. And if only I could capture Rex’s growly squeals as he barrels on through them all. Lindsay happily shared them with him this morning.

To my Lindsay Binz:

I love all of the questions and tidbits from you. I’ve even made a point to start writing these things down via my Giggle Monsters tumblr blog because they slip away so quickly. I laugh when I remember finding a Zac Efron sticker stuck to the inside of Rex’s bumper for him to see…and when I recall finding you poking holes in a condom with a golf tee at the age of 2 (guess you wanted that brother!)…and when you would put your pants on your head and say “good idea!” when you barely knew how to talk…and when I watch old videos of you like this dancing one… and when you told me “I hope you have a better day tomorrow” before trotting off to bed the other night.

You are teaching me more than I ever expected and I still have a lot to learn. You can be beyond frustrating with your strong will (and mine) and also unbelievably sweet and kind hearted. I want to protect you from the harshness that’s out there and just instill things I’ve learned in my twenty-something years directly into you but life doesn’t work that way. You can hear about my experiences and thoughts but I see now that you must have your own to fully understand. That’s just how it works. I want you to know you are in full control of the choices you make, to work hard, to be compassionate, to be spontaneous, and so many other things.

I know you can’t quite read all of this (yet, we’re getting there) but anyway—Happy Birthday Baby Girl! I love you!