NYC According to iPhone Pics

There’s no doubt about it, visiting NYC is awesome. It’s even awesomer when your best friend lives there.

Say hi to Erin! You may remember a glimpse of her from this Philly trip last summer. Last time I was in town we bounced around the adorable brownstones and shops of Brooklyn near her apartment in Park Slope. This time I coerced her to into playing NYC tourist for a day.

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Highlights from the trip:

  • Staying up to 3am just laying in a hotel bed gabbing away with a bottle of wine
  • A flash tour of some of the NYC tourist spots including Times Square, Grand Central, Ground Zero, Brooklyn Bridge, Broadway Theatre District
  • DRIVING the NYC site seeing tour boat with “Captain Awesome” and 150 fellow tourists (Erin is notorious in Omaha for being a ridiculously bad driver…and she was the one steering us all the way to the Statue of Liberty. Alert Manhattan!).
  • Going full circle with planes, trains, boats and automobiles + cabs and not worrying for a second because Erin knows how to traverse the city with ease
  • Riding the train to Beacon and getting a photo op with the conductor – hey, I’m not the one who has to ride this train every day!
  • Checking out Erin & Adam’s amazing new place in Beacon – and arriving “home” to an incredible meal cooked by Erin’s live-in Food Network-worthy chef (also known as her husband, Adam).
  • Taking our time to get ready, grab and sip coffee and stroll around town on a lazy Saturday morning
  • Shopping, eating and drinking our way through the adorable “mountain town” of Beacon
  • Getting the chance to lay around a flip through a catalog together (this is why friends shouldn’t live far away)

Erin and I have been friends for over 17 years. SEVENTEEN YEARS. There are kids in their senior year of high school as old as our friendship – gah! She’s the girl who was right there with me through the embarrassing, awkward middle school years and first boyfriends, to weddings and mortgages. We used to spend our Saturday nights making dorky home videos with my parents’ VHS tape recorder – ahhh! Let’s hope those never surface.

She’s unlike anyone I know – beautiful, brilliant, and quirky enough to keep me rolling on the floor laughing. Everyone should have an Erin in their life.

I’m officially upping this trip to a bi-annual event ;)