Loving a Little Bald Man

As my sister puts it, our wolf pack grew last week by one.

This little bald man to be exact.

Welcome to the world my favorite nephew! Last weekend we made the five hour trek over to Lincoln to meet three-day-old Bryant. He’s numero dos for my sister and brother-in-law (BIL) who you may remember from here, here, and here. If you’re good at math or still have your 2011 calendar up, you may notice this is the second bambino for her in two years. And here she is making it look easy:

Then the kids got smart and decided to take over.

I’m thinking rope would be a fun Christmas present for these two soon-to-be partners in crime.

Bryant was a sleeping angel who probably didn’t even notice any of us were there, but that didn’t stop our fam from the shenanigans. My dad took on his roll of making us all giggle…

To which he got this reaction…

As is required anytime us three Jurgens’ ladies get together, we went shopping (yes, my sister who had given birth four days earlier enjoyed some retail therapy). It was a successful trip. We found some things to take home and a few things to bring a truck back for one of these days.

After deciding that cute aprons will surely make us want to cook, we snagged three of those babies from Pier 1 for us and mom. If anything we can wear them while holding a glass of wine in a complimentary shade of red this Christmas.

The weekend was filled with plenty of snuggles and even a few sips of BIL’s family favorite whiskey (also known as the “uncle” baby Bryant got his middle name from :-P).

I can’t wait until he’s up running around with his big sister and cousins. Congrats mi hermana and BIL!