Little Miss Maya

Shawn and I both have just one older sister each. And it just so happens not only did my sister bring a little man into the fam in April, but Shanna (who you met here and here) also welcomed Miss Maya last week. We headed south to the big MO to meet our first ever niece on the Davis side.

Look at her already posing. She couldn’t be more perfect. I could snuggle her all day. She’s named after the place where her mom and dad got married. It brings back many memories from the private beach shindig.

If you have any questions about becoming a new mom, I’m pretty sure Shanna has read everything. Her birth story is actually really interesting. Not only did she have a doula and commit to going all natural but she and her husband actually WALKED OUT of the hospital prior to the birth when they were ushering her in too quickly to start hooking her up to monitors unnecessarily. They did this after confirming there was no risk to the baby by waiting. It’s not my story to tell so I won’t go into too many details but I definitely think all ladies should check out this documentary (The Business of Being Born). It makes me want a redo for both kiddos births. Shan is an inspiration to ladies wanting to take control of their bodies and their children’s well being.

Off my soap box…

We spent Saturday at Shanna’s in-laws. She even managed to get us all coordinated for some quick family pics while we were in town. Here’s a sneak peak the photographer sent. I’m not sure how any will top this pic.

Rex enjoyed his first ever four wheeler ride. Yes, my blood pressure skyrocketed watching. Linds went with her uncle David like she always does — those two have such a blast four wheeling together. This is the same guy that made homemade playdoh with her last year while she was visiting for a week. He’s going to make a great dad to his new little girl.

That might be my favorite new picture of the little man and his dad.

Linds also worked on her back swing.

…while Rex worked on his Happy Gilmore.

This little trip was also a chance to buggify and back-seat-cracker-fy Shawn’s new hoopty.

Cheers to the kiddos being hypnotized by DVDs on all future family car trips!

Sunday was one of those days that Craig Morgan sang about. It’s a common occurrence in this part of the country to strip the bambinos down to their skivvies for a little MO-style pool party. I can’t wait to pull these pictures out of Lindsay’s first prom date.

There was also lots of quality time with Gma and Papa.

And what would a family photo be without a little duck face?

Little Maya is in great hands.  I can’t wait to have her running around our house and spoil her rotten soon enough. I’m looking forward to repaying all of those messy diaper changes and ridiculously early mornings Shanna took care of with our kids. Er, maybe we can take the night shift though? ;) I’m also pretty excited about someday helping her order her first bananas sucio in the place where her parents got married.

Congrats Shan & David!

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