I Make Art

Let’s all agree to pretend I’ve written a wonderfully witty post including the final before and afters of our house that we accepted an offer on the night before going to the Bahamas. Let’s also pretend I’ve mentioned in that post how in only a few short weeks we found and moved into a new temporary place while also making time for awesomely exciting weekends of meeting new family members in two other states. Throw in there another post including a video of our not-so-itty-bitty-baby Binz graduating from preschool.

Yup, those are all done so instead here’s a little project the Binz and I did this last weekend. I deliberately stole the idea from here after seeing it on Pinterest. A new place needing decorated walls + quality crafting time with my girl = two birds with one  canvas.

I can’t do an art project with the kids without singing this Elmo rendition of Sexy and I Know It (hence the title). If you haven’t seen it, it’s definitely worth the watch … tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle, yah!

We went about the process a bit differently. Binz used the same paint for the stems and the grass but we watered it down for the grass. I also sewed the flowers directly into the canvas purely because I was too lazy to dig out a hot glue gun. I also modge podged a scrapbook circle to a beer bottle in the process—sadly that was the only circular-shaped thing I could think of to shape the petals. Do I at least get a few points for the bottles being the appropriate Summer Shandy and not Miller Lite? …And this is why I don’t craft regularly. We ended up just bending the petals after they dried and putting the glue covered bottles back in the fridge.

If you didn’t see the face painting pics I posted on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram (you’re not a very good stalker), you’re probably wondering about Binz’s face. She got her face painted during a trip to the Cedar Rapids Downtown Farmers Market earlier that morning. It may also be what inspired us to get our craft on with supplies that have been waiting for over a month.

During the farmers market trip I also brought home a original painting from the girl who does the face painting—is she talented or what? I brought it home and showed it to Shawn who thought it would be going in Binz’s room but, nope, it’s hanging in our kitchen with all of the bright colors greeting us every time go through the door. The color makes me happy. It may make it’s way into another room of the house eventually but for now I’m enjoying it.

And for some random thoughts that won’t be making it into blog posts of their own:

  • I’m becoming a hippy. Not in the we’re-going-to-start-living-in-a-VW-bus kind but the organic-loving kind. Between Netflix documentaries like Forks Over Knives and this TEDx speach by Robyn O’Brien about the effects of GMOs in the U.S., I can’t help but look at all of the food in our house as toxic (gogurt and fruit roll-ups anyone?) and now am on a mission to make organic work for our family. We even joined this Cedar Rapids organic food CSA. Wish me luck. And, actually, living in a VW bus would have its advantages like never having to pack another 50 bazillion boxes…
  • Kristi got me really thinking about our family’s “normal.” With a hubs that travels a lot, there are many mornings and nights the kids and I are on our own. I’ve learned we have to keep consistent routines regardless. When he’s home it’s a bonus and we all get out the door a bit earlier those mornings (plus I have a personal chef those nights). Having consistency has been a big help. Don’t tell Shawn but I really enjoy having a few quiet nights each week to myself to read, work, or write ridiculously random blog posts. We also get excited to see each other—how many families get to feel that excitement?
  • Professional bloggers are a professional bloggers for a reason. 10 points to anyone who actively keeps a successful blog up and running in addition to their full-time job and family—you should probably go get some sleep now. Me, well, if anyone is still reading, hi :)
  • Let’s Pretend This Never Happened is a book that is making me wish I had dead animals in the backyard. Totally weird and hilarious. You have to read it. You will laugh out loud and want your own dead animals too. Did I mention that my sister got me a mini desk-sized Beyonce for my birthday? My sister is awesome.
  • Summer is here and I’m pumped about getting outside to do fun things with the fam like the CRBT drive-in movies, farmers’ markets, swimming, splash padding, Brucemore children’s theatre performances, science museum, hiking through some of our local state parks.

What other things are you planning to do this summer? Any suggestions for things we should check out? I’m thinking that since we’re in eastern Iowa a trip to the field of dreams is in order. How about any project you’ve tried or are looking to try this summer?

P.S. Check out a guest post I wrote about how we organize kids artwork over at Kuzak’s Closet today!