Binz Goes to Kindergarten

As of last week, we officially have a kindergartner in the home.

1st day of kindergarten photo

I can’t even tell you how excited I was to go get her little backpack and school supplies. So many moms act shocked that their kids are old enough to go to kindergarten. Not me. This one is ready for a new experience and I’m ready for her to get her learning on.

The night before there was an open house at the school. There her teacher gave each of the kids “jitter glitter.” We sat in her room picking out her outfit for the first day and talking through it. I read the poem for jitter glitter and got all teary-eyed–why??? I have no idea. I like to think it’s because it made me realize that she has a teacher who really cares and considers that her new students might have a few jitters on their first day. It’s another person in her life who will guide her and help her grow as a person. *Tears*

jitter glitter poem

So the point of jitter glitter is to put it under your pillow to help calm your jitters for the first day of school. My little Binz thought that would be messy (yeah, me too, but I was willing to do it). She even refused to put the baggie of glitter under her pillow. I’ve created a clean freak. I’m so proud. *More tears*

That night I proudly ironed her little yellow striped top with white leggings along with her backup outfit. The next morning she woke up and pulled a tank top and turquoise leggings out of her closet because she decided she needed more color.

1st day of kindergarten backpack

A shot of the ever-important backpack. The school is only a few blocks away so I had visions of us all walking her that first morning. She thought it would be better to drive. Who am I to argue?

1st day of kindergarten with Rex

Her baby brother started a new daycare that day too. I made Shawn make a late night run to Target the night before and pick up this cute Skip-Hop puppy backpack I had in mind for him. He wore it for about two seconds. Doesn’t he understand? It’s so cute! It looks like a dog! Come on Rex!

1st day of kindergarten walk

Even though we didn’t walk to school, we pretended with pictures. My daughter is great at humoring me.

Then Shawn discreetly kissed us goodbye, wished Linds luck, and snuck to his car to avoid Rex screaming out for “mommy!” (he’s a bit confused). Linds waved. Rex cried as he drove by anyway. Welcome to my mornings.

At school, we took even more pictures. I’m a paranoid parent who cropped out the name and address of the school (ps, there’s also video surveillance!).

And because she’s not old enough to be embarrassed, I also made sure to get a shot with her teacher who I am a big fan of so far. I don’t think this school could have found more perfect kindergarten teachers.

After the first week, I can report Lindsay loves it. She comes home singing songs about how to draw letters and numbers every day. Today she sang a song about primary colors. I’ve been trying to teach her that for a while now. From now on, I will be making up my own songs too.

I can also report she rolled her eyes at a bad joke I made at dinner tonight. My little girl IS growing up!