Rex’s Painting Birthday Party

In addition to someone starting kindergarten last week, we also celebrated Rex turning a whopping 2 years old.

Could he be any cuter???

Excited to have a kid with a birthday during a warm month, I set out for an outdoor-type event and landed on a painting birthday party.

I doctored up some paint party invitations:

Paint Party Invitations

Yes, I casually strolled into Lowe’s and pretended to be interested in the most in-your-face paint sample colors available AND also that I needed at least 20 of each. I then headed home and printed out a quick design after a little trial and error to get it lined up in the right spot.

The night before the party I stayed up until midnight making my own homemade paint (okay, my fault for starting at 10:30pm). It was a disaster. I made gel, not paint…even though everyone on the interwebz claims cornstarch and water are the best finger paint combination. Don’t trust what you read on the internet. Thankfully, as I hung my shoulders and grabbed my purse to go load up on the store bought stuff the next morning, my sister-in-law swooped in with a much better recipe using flour. Happy dance! That woman knows her stuff.

I originally envisioned beautiful pictures of children painting along the fence out in the green, luscious grass. But well, I’ll let Linds show you how that afternoon was looking.

After the emergency hurricane evacuation from DC on his birthday last year, I’ll gladly take a little rain.

Plan B: garage party. That’s how we roll in Iowa. I suppose someone up there thought we needed a little extra water for our messy painting party. So be it.

We got the snacks set up inside including the paint sample birthday banner. The Lowe’s workers think I have the most colorful house ever.

birthday painting party table

I had planned to line the fence with colorful balloons. My sister-in-law again came up with a great idea for repurposing them. Could this be a better idea for a truck-loving 2-year-old’s party?

Rex's birthday balloons and trucks

The “canvas” (aka a king bed sheet cut in half) got put up on the garage wall. The kids went to town making a beautiful piece of art.

birthday painting party bed sheet

P.S. How much do you love a four-year-old who wears feather earrings? I’m taking style notes from this girl now.

It eventually got so messy we moved onto the next sheet. At that point Maria showed me a great tension relief trick – tearing bed sheets in half. For her birthday I’ll be getting her white wife-beater tank tops a la Hulk Hogan. And maybe some new bed sheets.

One of the best parts of the painting birthday party was having Lizzy come in and do face painting. You may recall she is the go-to face painting booth at the Cedar Rapids downtown farmer’s market. She even tried out some new designs.

facepainting party

Grandma and little Maya got in on the face painting too. Is she not the sweetest little four-month-old with a butterfly ever?

With the sugar from cupcakes coursing through their veins, the kids headed to the trampoline once the rain stopped.

Even the mini super heroes got in on the action.

Dear Shawn, remember the dirty look you gave me when I drug this thing home a few months ago? You can apologize at any point…like maybe the next time you’re on it :)

What would a messy party be without silly string?

silly string

It’s not a party until someone loses their pants.

Here is the original Davis fam plus baby Maya. Between the set up and creative ideas, they will be attending all future parties if I have to drive to Missouri to pick them up myself.

the original davis fam

We made an effort to get a group shot of all of the kiddos. Herding cats would be easier for sure. The older siblings are trained well in latching on and forcing the little ones to stay in the shot.


I love this pic my FIL sent of my boys—Shawn with his mini-me, backward hats and all.

At 2, Rex’s jabbering up a storm and repeating everything you say. He’ll even tell you how old he is and attempt to hold up two little fingers. He loves to go “outside” and “EAT!” among several other words.

Rex’s actual birthday fell during the week. That morning we did our normal hectic routine but had this little moment where it all stopped for a brief second. A balloon from the party had made its way into his room, not far from the shelf where we keep his favorite book …In the great not-so-green room, there was a telephone, and red balloon… #goodnightmoon

Happy Birthday baby boy!