And Then We Did This… Riviera Maya 2K13

A couple weeks ago we kissed the 10 inches of snow in Iowa goodbye and traded it in for 4 nights and 5 days here at Grand Velas in Riviera Maya.

Shawn’s sister and BIL got married in Riviera Maya just four years ago. We had such an awesome time then that we committed to going back for a not-so-far-off anniversary. The location even inspired the name for their first born.

Did you know the Cancun airport has a bar on the street directly outside of baggage claim? Location. Location. Location. We got the party started early with drinks for the road.

Two of our favorite people, Jon & Trisha, were also able to join in on the trip. Cue cartwheels.

Mostly, you could find us all doing this:

And staring at this:

Every once in a while we switched it up and did this:

Then we tried to make friends with the locals in Playa Del Carmen.

[Not pictured: Best cabbie ever blazing Ja Rule & other rap music circa 2001. You made the 19-year-old ghetto-girl-wanna-bes in all of us so happy.]

Next we stepped it up a notch by getting lost in the Mexican jungle and tried to get killed by wild animals.

That’s Trisha’s “I love you but if an aboriginie with a machete jumps out, I can run faster than you” face.

After we didn’t die from machetes or wild animals, we all agreed that if a friend jumps into a dark hole deep in the earth, we will follow.

The next images show why the title of this post was almost “How To Make Your Husband Look Like a Pussy.” [Sorry mom, at least I said it here and not at the top of the page. No one is actually reading this far down anyway, right?]

Only three of us actually did these jumps. Shawn finally bucked up after about 45 minutes [love ya babe!]. Thank goodness for peer pressure.

Back to things that don’t make you second guess if you bought enough life insurance…

We ate. And ate.

One of the meals was from the seven course “fusion” restaurant which was more like art than food including the duck liver presented in a wine glass filled with cinnamon-flavored smoke. Yup.

Sometimes we practiced our zombie-eyed poses after we ate:

And then there were the fried crickets at the Mexican restaurant.

Just in case you’re ever in the area, the following activities are typically frowned upon at five diamond Mexican restaurants:

  • Gagging at the table when crickets are presented
  • Asking for chips and salsa
  • Doing jumping jacks across the restaurant
  • Spilling your alcoholic beverage on the table

We dubbed the dinner an utterly hilarious train wreck.

The final morning we dragged ourselves out to the patio to watch the sunrise with coffee in hand.

I soaked up all of the vitamin D possible down to the last minute.

…and realized how fortunate I am to get little breaks away like this.

Now we’re just hoping we’ll have a nephew named Riviera in a year or so ;)

Til next time Riviera Maya!

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