Our New Playground

We’ve officially been Maryland-ites for a month. Rolling into town there was an air of excitement and adventure. So many new things to do and see. This first month marks a long list of to dos to get settled but it also marks what I want to be the awesomest summer for our kiddos. 

While we waited for the moving truck to make its way from Iowa that first week, we shacked up at the fully-stocked company condo on the Inner Harbor. I’m convinced if it weren’t for wanting more space for family and friends to visit, a 1,000 square foot condo is all we really need—less to clean, fewer toys to pick up, smaller closets for fewer clothes to wash, and nothing but downtown Baltimore to keep up entertained. We thought we would be super busy getting settled that first week but without any of our stuff or Maryland documents to do school registrations, car stuff, etc. we unexpectedly found ourselves with a wide open week. Shawn worked most of the days while the kids and I played tourists.

Eating breakfast in a high rise overlooking the water was entertaining all in itself. The kids loved watching all the boats move and spotting every helicopter that came by. Seeing window washers at eye level was one of those “we’re not in Iowa” moments for sure.


The first morning there Rex colored his tummy with a pen & dumped out my leave-in conditioner all over the bed…because what is a better way of saying “hey mom! aren’t you going to be so excited you took the summer off to hang out with us” like soapy bed sheets?


Even Ze Pus got to enjoy the view—that would be the Raven’s stadium back there.


Here’s just a few things we’ve done to make Maryland our playground this first month:

1. People watching on the Inner Harbor. An Asian tourist came and sat down next to us while her husband took a picture. The only English word they knew was “cheese.” I’m hoping I get to see the Christmas card that is sure to result from that shot. We can see dad’s office window while we play so it’s kind of like he’s there too.


2. Eating all of the candy found in the Inner Harbor & partaking in the street performer balloon animals. Shawn even got to join us for some dragon boat rides too.


3. Spending hours a the Maryland Science Center. This was right out the building’s front door. There was so much to see we will surely be going back. Linds was even pulled in to be in a John Hopkins study about kids’ ability to understand algebra at a young age. Shawn and I also got the chance to see the Science Center lit up at night a few weeks later at their annual Solstice fundraiser—it was like a completely different place in that light. Even adults can enjoy the Science Center.


4. Staying entertained at the National Aquarium. As a girl that grew up with Henry Doorly Zoo in town, I would say this place was meh. The dolphin show was entertaining but pretty short. 


5. Eating more candy and having impromptu dance parties.


6. Going to the deafening Monster Jam Monster Truck show at the Raven’s stadium. It might be a bigger city but this is still ‘Merica! Huh? I can’t hear you.


7. Family Pizza and Movie Night at the Center Club. We found the best posing mirror.center-club-baltimore 

8. Putt putt. Sadly the closest the guys have gotten to golf in a month. P.S. Photo bomb!


9. Toddler time at the B&O Railroad. With an outdoor play area and an indoor minature trains and dress up, this is a place where kids can spend quite a bit of time. We even learned that railroads created the first time zones after there were too many accidents – who knew??


Many of these spots are check marks on our summer bucket list we created before moving here. We’ll have to see just how many more we’re able to cross off.

The biggest adjustment this first month has been having the kids home with me, trying to get unpacked (with Shawn was traveling the first two weeks after we moved in), and fitting in hours here and there for work. Establishing a sense of normalcy while being productive and making sure they’re entertained is a juggling act for sure but we’re getting there.

I’m hoping to do a quick tour of our new digs for you too. It’s a work in progress but at least we’re a box-free zone now! Here’s a sneak peak at the guest bedroom. The kids were on quality assurance making sure I assembled the bed frame correctly. Who wants to break in the guest room first?????