She…Artwork for Binz’s Room

 Having been in the house for a month, my goal the last week has been to get the stack of picture frames taking up space in the basement up off the floor and on the walls. I’m happy to say I’ve made some headway. While wasting my time  scrolling through Pinterest, I came across this image that I found to be the perfect combination of girly and inspiring.

She decided to start living the life she'd imagined

I’m not sure I have ever really “imagined” my life a certain way, but nonetheless, the print stuck in my head and I had to find it …and came to find it’s actually from a book full of quotes. The book is She…by Kobi Yamada.

She by Kobi


I found a used copy of the book on Amazon for literally less than $8.00 including shipping – how’s that for inexpensive artwork??

A couple small white frames that originally hung over the crib two houses ago  (as you can see in this pic on Flickr) were perfect for framing the quotes. As with everything in this house (which is super lacking in the storage department) either the frames needed to get up on the walls or find a new fate at Goodwill.

The prints now hang in Linds’ bedroom. I especially love that the frames that first hung over her crib now hang in her bedroom again. Here’s how it’s looking:


(And by the way, Linds has a walk-in closet with a window now. My crowded badly lit closet is quite jealous).

As the daughter of a librarian, I had a tough time tearing pages out of a book (sorry Mom!). It was hard to choose just which quotes to use — some are definitely too much for a 6.5-year-old to understand. You could argue these quotes are a little too much too but I have visions of her one day fully comprehending the thought behind them and how much I love her and want her to be happy. Hopefully it’s when she’s a moody 14-year-old and mad at me and pouting in her bedroom because lordy knows that will happen with my feisty, opinionated little girl. Here’s a close up of the quotes she and I chose:

she-by-kobi-yamada she-had-a-way-of-turning-obstacles-into-opportunities she-just-had-this-way-off-brightening-the-day 

I’m hanging onto the book because I love all the quotes. Maybe one day we’ll switch the quotes out with new ones? 

Her room is slowly coming together. For the last several years we have had her mattress on the floor because I was always afraid of her falling out and hurting herself. The new house has given me a reason to finally order her this bed frame I’ve been eyeing for a while. It has been waiting on the manufacturer for a month now – let’s hope the wait will be worth it and she’ll love it (but probably not because she disagrees with me most of the time).

Oh my sweet, sassy Lindsay Binz…

Photo by Tara of Shae Photography.

In other wall news, this Anthro D I’ve had since January has finally found a home in the office along with Grandma Lil’s saddle. Fun family fact: Grandma’s horse name was Rex. We had no idea until after our Rex was born and named. Weird? You bet.


In other news, I’m really bad at buying items for decorating. I typically go for something cheap because it just seems frivolous to spend money decorating your house.  That said, Shawn and I have both decided we’re ready to stop living like we’re just out of college. We want a space that we love so we sold off our old first apartment furniture, put aside a chunk of dinero for the new living room and dining room, and started looking for a pro to pull those spaces together. I was so happy to come across a Baltimore-based design team and we’re in the middle of the process. I love how it’s coming together! You can see how the living room is shaping up on the Bradshaw Styling blog. That also means our living and dining room are completely empty at the moment so to the guests that will be visiting in the next few weeks, please enjoy our minimalist-chic looking going on!