Summer is here! And here is our official summer bucket list – and some we’ve already been able to cross off. Being in a brand new city means tons of new things to explore and do but it also means it takes a bit more effort to find ideas but we’re learning where to look. This list is a mix of places to go and see around Baltimore/DC plus some other quintessential summertime musts no matter where you live. I don’t expect to do all 41 but at least it gives us an idea on where to start. There is no boredom allowed this time of year!

  1. Picnic on the Smithsonian lawn.
  2. Visit the B&O Railroad update: half done. We visited the one in Baltimore but there’s also one in Ellicott City that the Davises must meet.
  3. Tour the White House.
  4. Make new friends and invite to dinner.
  5. Take a boat tour.
  6. Visit the aquarium.
  7. Go see the monster truck show.
  8. Cheers on the Orioles at Camden Yards.
  9. Find a beach (Ocean City? Recommendations welcome).
  10. Buy bikes and find the best trail (Patapsco Valley State Park?).
  11. Go on a star spangled tour.
  12. Paint birdhouses.
  13. Visit the Maryland Zoo.
  14. Find a concert at the Merriweather Post Pavillion amphitheater. Go to it.
  15. Go to the Maryland Science Center.
  16. Visit Port Discovery.
  17. Visit New York and our favorite Nebraskan-turn-NYCer.
  18. Tour Fort McHenry? Not sure if the kids would be up for this.
  19. Visit the Edgar Allan Poe house + Westminster hall and burial ground (Mom, looking at you!)
  20. Hit up the Star Spangled Banner Flag House in Little Italy.
  21. Visit Arlington Cemetery.
  22. Visit the National Archives.
  23. Check out the Bureau of Engraving & Printing (where money is made).
  24. Visit the National Zoo in DC (which is hopefully better than the National Aquarium!).
  25. Scope out the organic food & crafts at the Eastern Market in DC.
  26. Watch horse races in Columbia.
  27. Go incognito at the National Spy Museum in DC.
  28. Go to DuPont circle & people watch.
  29. Sleep under the stars.
  30. Have a water balloon fight.
  31. Go fishing.
  32. Have a “yes” day. All questions answered with yes.
  33. Watch a sunset together.
  34. Play in the rain.
  35. Lay in the grass and find shapes in the clouds.
  36. Grow something in a pot. Keep it alive.
  37. Make a family yearbook.
  38. Catch lightening bugs.
  39. Find a spot to kayak/canoe.
  40. Make homemade ice cream.
  41. Turn our house into a diaper-free zone.

Any other things you love to do that we should add to the list??