Three Littles & Their Grandparents

If you know Shawn’s mom, you know that she is the quintessential grandma always prepared with a wallet full of pictures of her family. Whereas I’m terrible about actually printing pictures out, her walls are covered with so many pictures that you instantly feel the love when you walk in the door. As a combined Mother’s/Father’s day gift this year, we decided to get Shawn’s parents pics of them and their three grandkids. 

Thank you Tara of Shae Photography for working your magic as always! These three littles move quickly and so I’m so happy that we were finally able to get them all together for a few shots. Here’s just a few of my favorites.

As anyone with little people knows, the real thing to watch during one of these photo sessions is what’s happening behind the camera. Our series of stupid faces and antics must have worked.

Thank you John and Diane for being such loving grandparents to these three!