2013 Recap

Most of you are probably holding champagne, anxiously waiting the ball drop, confetti prepped in-hand. Me? I’m wrapping up this post with my favorite three people snoring next to me after our fun-filled day of airport travel as we made our way back from 10 days in MO and NE. Waking up on New Years Day with a clean house and all luggage unpacked and put away is the thing 30-year-old moms dream of obviously.

If you were awaiting for our four faces to grace your mailbox this year, quick print this out and pop it in your mailbox! Bam! Instant love from the Davises! This year I gave the Christmas card the kabosh in favor for well, I don’t know, sanity? But don’t fret, if there weren’t enough FB and Instagram posts to give you the rundown on what we’ve been up to, he’s few highlights of 2013 with the traditional Christmas letter humblebrags worked in.



Lindsay is 6.5 and started first grade at a new school this year. Nightly homework has become a new routine she floors us with her ability to figure things out.  She loves to read, play with her American Girl dolls, and make rainbow loom bracelets. You can also find her building helicopters out of old juice boxes and toothpicks or tubes of water and plastic cups taped together or whatever new craft she’s dreamt up. We’ve embraced her creative side by providing her with a year’s worth of scotch tape for Christmas. This fall she joined her first soccer team with Howard County Parks and Rec named the Revolution (of course we pumped her up on the way to the game with the Imagine Dragons song). This summer she swam the whole length of the neighborhood Olympic sized pool and we’re hoping to convince her to join its swim team this coming summer. Her transition to MD has gone well as she has loved making new friends and seems to know someone wherever we go in the neighborhood. She has joined me in the ever-sacred practice of car singing and we can throw down Disney’s “let it go” and an impressive rendition of “royals.” She continues to be the most loving big sister and tenderhearted one of the fam.


Rex is 3 and our jabbering cuddle bug who still roars at people. He attends 3-yr-old Pre-K three days a week and loves bringing home his library book each week and taking toys for show and tell every day even though they only actually share them on Fridays. One of my favorite moments of the day is picking him up on my bike and riding home …I could however do without the action shot pictures he takes with my phone while sitting in the trailer behind me. He continues to be fearless in the pool and loves to jump in and pretend to dolphin flop to the side. He brushed up on his tee ball skills on his first “team” this fall. His current goal seems to be prepping for future long jump stardom as he continually practices launching himself off the bed, couch, stairs, etc. to see how far he can land. He and Shawn still hit the driving range and Rex can currently drive the ball farther than I. His current way of making friends is to blow raspberries at them which does not appear to be effective yet. In typical boy fashion he loves trucks, loud things, and wants to be just like his dad. He also knows to kiss those he loves and say “I miss you” which is pretty dang charming (most likely also learned from his dad :-P).


Shawn officially took on a new roll with Transamerica Agency Network this year and is motivated as ever. His office is right on the Inner Harbor of Baltimore and he continues to build his airline miles visiting offices and company meetings around the country. He and I loved joining the group for the Leaders Conference in our new fav spot of Jamaica last September. Shawn sadly didn’t get to hit the golf course as much as he’d like this year but he did get to join in on swimming the length of the pool. He also has some pretty smooth moves to our “Royals” rendition and makes a mean crepe and egg breakfast every Saturday and Sunday. We had the chance to host an ugly sweater party for “34 East” (the TAN B’More office group) and their families and hope to do more entertaining again soon. Shawn’s also been anxiously watching his Mizzou Tigers learn to throw a football during year one in the SEC.


As for me, I’m still enjoying a part-time gig with Iowa-based Clickstop including helping launch another new brand. I never knew how excited I could get about watching sales for nuts and screws comes through. I had the chance to go back for the company retreat in Dubuque a few weeks ago where I was reminded just how hilariously awesome they all are. In Maryland, I’ve loved having visitors while we get settled including my favorite Nebraskan-turned-New-Yorker, Erin, who did the historic Fort McHenry with us and also Shawn’s sis, Shanna, and our niece, Maya, with whom we ventured to the National Zoo. I also had the chance to meet up with my fav college roomie Amanda at Arlington. Two CR buddies Trisha and Kristi visited us a few months ago too and I did my best to show them a few spots around Georgetown and Federal Hill but we found our favorite locale to be Looney’s, the neighborhood watering hole. Clearly I’ve been a bit spoiled by familiar faces in our new home. As for making the move East, I’ve been fortunate to be surrounded by amazing neighbors who have helped make this place feel more like home. I’m also learning to love to cook and am still in search of better ways to feed our fam. We’ve loved finding this produce delivery service and multiple nearby natural food stores. Our neighborhood has almost everything we need so the majority of miles I put on my car are from making an extra loop on the way home from errands to help Rex fall asleep. I also had the chance to visit my new nephew Maverick in Nebraska and he’s as cute as ever.

In other news, I gave up Facebook until Jan 1 (today?!) after pledging with several other fellow Clickstoppers to take back our distracted moments. The crazy thing is, I’ve loved not having it and I’m hoping you’ll see less of me there in the coming year. And maybe that will mean more here instead? It could happen.

I hope 2014 finds you and your loved ones well! Happy New Year!